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Should have linked to this muuuuuuuuuuuuuch earlier, apologies, but. Those who will soon be ponies: here is a pony avatar generator.

Because pony icons are fun!
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Tip had been a bit busy yesterday and hadn't gotten around to this phone call. Which was only going to make it worse.

"J.Lo?" she said when he answered. "Did you sign me up for a class called 'Adventuring for Idiots'?"

"Mmmm. No Tip. I did not."

"Well, I'm looking at my summer schedule right here and I'm definitely signed up for it. I only signed up for Music and Shakespeare. So someone must have."

"Was not me. I signed Tip up for 'Adventuring for Idiots, Because Clearly You Need It'."


"Is totally different!"


"It says just there. Because clearly you need it. Was class that said, not J.Lo."

"Dammit, J.Lo --"

"Pardon Tip's language."

"-- Don't sign me up for any more classes!"

"I am just watching out for Tip. She says 'Oh no, I can go off to school without my best friend and companion J.Lo and it will be just fine,' but I know. So I keep watching out for Tip. Even from two states away."

"I'm only in Maryland."

"Yes. And I am in Pennsylvania. That is two states: Maryland and Pennsylvania."

"I'm hanging up now."

"You do not want to talk to Tipmom?"

"I'll talk to Mom later."

"She also agrees with J.Lo. About the class."

"J.Lo --"

"Because clearly you needs it!"


Right. Okay. That could have gone better.

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Tip picked up her nametag marked "Gratuity" and nudged Bill out of the way so she could stick it to her shirt. Bill was all abuzz about the whole "bubble in space" part of the town the school was in -- or possibly just buzzing about something else? Hopefully not a broken something, she did not want to call J.Lo on her first day to come fix her pet billboard for her -- and she picked him up to reposition him onto her hair where he'd be less conspicuous. She'd already worked out on the way in on the shuttle that people here might not be familiar with Boov technology, but there was no guarantee someone wouldn't recognize a Bee from the early days of the invasion and freak out about it.

"Shush," she told him. "I'm sure this big sibling person will tell us about the portals and bubbles."

She assumed that was what the big sibling program was for, after all. Settling you into living on your own for the first time, making sure you didn't accidentally wander through the wrong portal into the vacuum of space. The basic stuff.

Welcome to Fandom, Tip )

[preplayed with [ profile] fckedupx5000 for plans that were then abruptly cancelled. Soooo, preplayed so that I can swan off to see Civil War, I guess!]
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Because I totally haven't been waiting to do this for a week. . . . *shifty eyes*

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Who's that OTHER girl? )

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Apr. 29th, 2016 11:36 am
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"Hello, you've reached the phone of Gratuity Tucci. I'm not available right now, so please leave a message after the tone.

"A short message, J.Lo. You can't expect me to know things you said after the voicemail cuts you off."



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